Why Is Dieting So Hard?

why is dieting so hard? woman eating ice cream

I’m almost 100% confident nobody likes to, “diet.” In fact I hate to, “diet”. Mainly because I’m not a big fan of the term, “I’m on a diet.” When people say, “I’m on a diet,” it is almost always synonymous with the words suffering and despair. Particularly if someone is trying to get in better shape. In fact I’m sure you’re hissing at your screen right now just thinking about the very idea of, “going on a diet.” (Okay. Maybe not. Still, though. I’m willing to bet you loathe the very word!)

Does the following sound familiar to you?

Summer is coming up. You have been wanting to drop a couple of pounds (or more) ever since your New Year’s resolutions. You’ve got a very clear image of how you’d like to look in your new bathing suit. You know. The one that’s been hanging in the closet for months. Coldly staring back at you every time you change your clothes. You say to yourself, “That’s it! I’m gonna get sexy this summer!”

The next day you cut out most of, if not all your favorite foods. It’s nothing, but juicing and salads for the next six weeks. You’re wishing there was another way to get slim. I mean starving yourself didn’t work out too well last time. Can’t do that again. Oh well. Let’s do this!

Your first couple of days eating leaves and drinking juice starts off pretty good. There’s a few cravings here and there. You’re no fool. You won’t be tempted this time! The treadmill becomes your best friend at least every other day of the week. It’s dreadful, but, “must reach sexy status!”

As each week goes by you find yourself steadily losing focus. The cravings kick in harder every day. You were strong in the beginning, but your mind can’t stop thinking about the delicious morsels you’ve missed out on lately. The treadmill steadily becomes an afterthought. One day missed here. Another missed there. Before you know it you’re throwing up your middle fingers to the sky. Drive down to your local store. Grab every item you’ve deprived yourself of the past few weeks. Go home. Sit on the couch. Commence operation: EAT EVERYTHING.

picture of a box of donuts

Why must it always end this way? Why is dieting so hard? “Am I really this animalistic? I hate myself!”

It’s important to have a better understanding of the word, “diet.”

The word, “diet” has been made into a fashionable terminology when someone is trying to lose weight. As I mentioned in the beginning it’s usually synonymous with the words suffering, and despair. The truth is our diet is literally whatever we consume each day. It doesn’t matter what it is. If you eat fruits, vegetables, and lean meats every day? That’s your diet. If you eat fast food, sugary snacks, and drink soda every day? That’s your diet.

So, why is dieting so hard?

The biggest problem when it comes to balancing your diet is simply this: lack of knowledge.
When you don’t have proper knowledge to create a maintainable and sustainable diet you are far more susceptible to making critical mistakes. I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve worked with who made assumptions, or did guesswork as to what their diet should look like. If you need help balancing your diet consult with a health professional and/or do your own extensive research.

Your diet shouldn’t be unbearable. Yes, we must make sure to eat certain foods our body needs. Despite what you may have heard you can still enjoy other foods within moderation and reason. There’s an old saying in the fitness world, “If it tastes good then you shouldn’t eat it.” I vehemently disagree with this statement. Sure. You can abide your diet by meals lacking flavor. (Plain rice cakes anyone?) As for my own clients, I want them to enjoy their meals all the while getting in great shape!

You might have been hoping I’d be more detail oriented about the type of diet to utilize. I’m saving that for another blog. (Sorry if I disappointed you.) I just want to make it clear, as simple as it may sound, it all comes down to the knowledge you possess!

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