Hiring a Personal Trainer: How they Help with Your Fitness Goals

Jumpstart Your Weight Loss by Hiring a Personal Trainer

The middle of January is here. Have you given up on your fitness resolution already? You know- that same resolution you’ve had penned down since 2011 or longer?

We all know most people fall flat on their face (or asses) when making the weight loss resolution. If they’re lucky they’ll last a few weeks. Typically, they work out without really knowing what kind of exercise to utilize, how to properly diet, or set a REALISTIC timetable for their weight loss goals. This folks, is what you call a recipe for failure and disaster. Believe you, me, come this February you’ll be ready to give up, call it quits, stuff yourself with a Whopper, Big Mac, or both, and curse the day you stepped on a scale. The question is, how do we avoid making this mistake for the umpteenth time?


Seeing as I am a personal trainer, I can’t help but point out the obvious. First things first.

Hire a trainer.

“Come on, Chase. Hiring a personal trainer is too expensive.”

Listen, I know hiring a personal trainer can seem like an extra financial hit on your bank account. Instead of looking at it as an extra bill, look at it as an INVESTMENT in your health. The truth is there can no greater investment than YOU.

You gotta ask yourself, “How much longer am I willing to FAIL at my fitness goals year after year?” A personal trainer can absolutely help you with your weight loss or muscle gain, guide you in the right direction, provide adequate nutrition knowledge, and even make exercise FUN.

hiring a personal trainer

If I told you hiring a personal trainer for 3-6 months could help you lose weight, learn proper exercise, live healthier, feel energized, and sexy, wouldn’t you do it? What if hiring a personal trainer meant the next 20+ years would become the fittest you’ve ever been in your entire life? A few months to make the next 20+ years better? Sounds pretty friggin’ good to me!

“I can lose weight, Chase. I just gotta stick with it.”

Oh, really? How’s that been going the last couple of years? Look in the mirror and you’ll see the answer.

Try this analogy. Let’s say I take you to two different places. One is an auto shop, and the other is a gym.

Assuming you don’t know how to work on cars, if I told you, “Hey John/Jane, you’ve got this whole auto shop to yourself. Every possible tool is at your disposal. Your car needs a new engine, air conditioner needs to be fixed, and the brakes needs to be replaced. Have at it!”

Would you even know where to start? Or what tools to use? Would you even try to fix the car yourself knowing you don’t really know what you’re doing? Of course not. The risk is far greater than the reward. Things will get messed up in a heartbeat. Which is why you’d hire a mechanic.

Now, suppose I take you to a gym. I tell you, “Okay, Jane/John, you’ve got this entire gym to yourself. We’ve got every piece of equipment you could possibly imagine. You need to drop 25 pounds, decrease your body fat by 10%, and improve your overall flexibility in your shoulders and hips. Have at it!”

Just like the auto shop, would you even know where to start at the gym? What equipment would you use? Why are you using it? What is its purpose? Truth is although SEVERAL people would be willing to take the risk of blindly “working out” at the gym, most of them have no idea what they’re doing; nor will they see any long term results. Which is why so many people would benefit from having a personal trainer.

You’ve got to understand that working on the body is just like working on a car. You can’t go into it blindly without knowing what you’re doing. If you do there is a risk of not only creating more frustration, but causing more problems than there was before.

Don’t let this New Year be another failure of attaining your fitness goals. Be honest with yourself. Get the knowledge you need. Make the investment in hiring a personal trainer. Fact is it could be the very thing you’ve needed these past “umpteen” years!

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