How Do I Stay Motivated to Get in Shape?

woman workout stay motivated

You bought new workout attire. Headphones are ready to go. Meal prep is set for the next few days. Motivation has kicked into high gear. NOW’S THE TIME TO DOMINATE!!

Fast forward three weeks later….

Your new workout attire is now casual attire. The headphones haven’t been charged in five days. The tupperware containers once filled with lean meats now hold leftovers from Jack In the Box. Motivation has dissipated. Now’s the time for self-pity to fill throughout your soul.

How do fit people stay motivated?

How do they do it? They make it look so effortless!

I’ve got a little fitness secret to tell ya. Are you ready?

Motivation is only a temporary high. It’s a short term boost that comes and goes. You’ll have days where you’re ready to absolutely kill it in the gym. There will be days where you’re just going thru the motions. Then there are those days where you’d rather be anywhere, but the gym.

Everybody experiences the same thing you do. Yes. This includes the super fit people you follow on Instagram too. There’s no secret formula.

The most important factor here is this: staying driven.

Staying driven means continuing your journey well beyond your initial motivational boost.

It’s remaining determined to achieve a goal despite how you feel in that moment.

It’s finding the willpower within you to get your ass to the gym despite a lack of motivation.

It’s preparing the right type of meals for yourself despite loathing the time spent to cook your food.

It’s pushing yourself just beyond your limits despite wanting to quit.

Staying driven means getting shit done because you know it needs to get done.

I’m not trying to say motivation is meaningless. Far from it. Motivation is the very catalyst for taking on your goals to begin with! Use it to your advantage to get the ball rolling. However, you have got to remember it doesn’t always last. Which is why people give up after only a short period of time.

This is quite literally the only difference between you, and someone further along with their goals. It all falls upon your ability to stay driven despite the circumstances!

If you need an extra helping hand, consider hiring a trainer. If you’re in Las Vegas near Summerlin or Spring Valley, schedule a free consultation with me! Give me a call/text at (310) 363-0217. I’m ready when you are!

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