Personal Trainer: Choosing the Right One

Personal trainers are everywhere these days. There’s a plethora of them in Las Vegas alone. A lot of people think just because they work out it somehow qualifies them to be “experts” at training. (I can tell you right now. It doesn’t.) Your personal trainer should be someone who makes one thing their top priority: YOU. After all. What good are personal trainers if they don’t give clients their very best?

I like to relate personal trainers to teachers. Take this for example. I hated taking math in college. Good gravy I could not stand it. I had to repeat the same math class THREE times. The first two teachers weren’t willing to take the time to work with me, or other students who were struggling. It was not until my third teacher did I finally pass that (damn) class. Why? Because the third teacher was willing to listen to me. Breaking down equations in a way I had not been shown before. Spending time outside of class to help me further improve. Everyone including myself passed the class.

Just because a teacher can teach math does not mean all math teachers are created equal. There might be a teacher who is an absolute whiz in mathematics. They could even be amongst the best in the world. However. If a teacher of that caliber cannot help their students excel in the classroom then being, “the best” doesn’t do them any good.

The same can be said for personal trainers. A personal trainer could be considered amongst the best in overall knowledge, skills, etc. Don’t get me wrong. Having a plethora of knowledge is of great value as a trainer. Except what good will it do them if they don’t have the patience, vision, or empathy to help their clients make progress?

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Let’s go over a few factors on how you select your trainer.

I’m not talking science here. Your chemistry, how you click with your trainer is a pretty big deal. Think about it. You’ll be spending a good chunk of time with this guy/gal. So you best make sure you like working with them! What personality are you aiming for? Do you want someone who comes off like Jillian Michaels? A tough, no excuses, hard ass, give me an extra 20 reps type of trainer? Or do you want someone who is assertive, but is more positive and uplifting in their demeanor? It is possible to find a happy medium, but you may have to do more extensive research. No personal trainer is exactly the same. Just like no client is exactly the same.

Every personal trainer will have their own philosophy. Some will have it right on their t-shirt. Others might have a saying. They may not even say anything in a literal sense, but you’ll find out soon enough. I define my training by, “Uplift the mind and the body will follow.” Creating newfound confidence and inner strength within a client is of great importance to me. Not every personal trainer feels the same way. Some might think the only way you’ll progress is when you’re crawling back to your car after every session. By the way. Always ask a trainer if they offer complimentary training. This way you can get a better feel for their mentality and how they view you as their potential client.

There are many ways to build muscle and burn fat. Are you someone who wants to learn how to use free weights? Do you prefer condition based workouts? Do you need a personal trainer who specializes in physical rehabilitation? There are endless amounts of exercises a personal trainer can utilize in your program. All used for different purposes. What would you like to learn, and/or what are you curious about? Even if you aren’t sure, ask the trainer questions like, “What’s the best way for me to get more toned?” “How can I lose weight without running all the time?” This will at least give the personal trainer an idea of what tools and techniques to use to give you the most optimal results possible.

Most clients prefer to work with a personal trainer close to work and/or their home. For example, people in North Las Vegas might not want to travel to Summerlin/Peccole Ranch for training. Some clients are willing to travel far if they hold their personal trainer in high regard. Either way you’ll want to decide where you’d like the setting for your sessions to be held. Chain and/or independent gyms hold a number of various equipment. You can get a great workout at a large facility like Las Vegas Athletic Club or a small fitness studio with the right trainer. A great personal trainer will know how to adapt to any environment. Outdoor settings usually involve body weight training and condition based exercises. Depending on the trainer they may do a combination of the two.

Personal trainers have a wide range of experience. You’ve got everyone from rookies, to seasoned vets, to gurus. Their experience is almost guaranteed to be a reflection of the their overall price. Which I will cover in a separate blog. In the meantime consider although working with a rookie and/or cheaper trainer might sound like a great idea it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be provided with quality training. There are always exceptions to the rules of course. However, from my experience you usually get what you pay for. Create a budget, but also do your research. I have lived in LA, the Bay Area, and now Las Vegas and the pricing of personal trainers is pretty similar. Get an idea of what it will realistically cost to hire a good trainer in your neighborhood. Keep in mind the personal trainer has to put in a significant amount of work to help you achieve a goal you otherwise wouldn’t be able to do on your own. Look at it as an investment. Not some “quick weight loss” BS tactic.

Almost every prospective client I have ever worked with wanted to see clients results. Some trainers have a few successful transformations. Others might have dozens. One is not necessarily more supreme over the other. Why? So many things can factor into clients results. Everything from the personal trainer’s experience, philosophy, client’s level of commitment, etc., all play a crucial role here. I know plenty of legitimate trainers working with clients who just won’t follow their diet and workout protocol. As a result their clients won’t get the results they seek. Use your judgement here. If you have a friend or family member who’s had success with a trainer it’s perfectly sensible to inquire about them first. Check reviews and testimonials online if possible. If you go on Yelp be sure to view the “Reviews Not Currently Recommended” section too. Did you know that many of those reviews are legitimate, yet Yelp’s computer algorithm moved them? It could be something as simple as they felt the person didn’t have enough reviews of other businesses or was too new to Yelp. Also, take a look at their social media accounts if they’re active. You might even be able to ask other clients what their experience has been so far with the same personal trainer as well.

Phew! I think we covered most of our grounds.

Remember this. The personal trainer has to understand not every client is exactly the same. They must be able to make compromises and modify the client’s program when deemed necessary. Patience is super important as each client will be on a different level. You’ll figure out which personal trainer is best for you. Who knows? You might stick with your personal trainer longer than you originally intended. Which can only mean your experience has been a great one!

If you’re looking for personal training in the Summerlin South, Spring Valley Las Vegas area or online training, shoot me a message or 310.363.0217. Look forward to hearing from you!

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