PlateJoy Can Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

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It’s official. I am now an ambassador for, PlateJoy.

“Wait a minute. What you talkin’ about, Chase?? What is PlateJoy??”

PlateJoy is a company that creates personalized meal plans/recipes according to your diet and nutrition protocol. (This is not a meal prep service; food won’t be sent to your home.)


Here’s how it works:

PlateJoy asks you a series of specific questions to better understand your food preferences and overall diet. Your answers are then sent to their database, which generates dozens upon dozens of meal suggestions and recipes. Everything from breakfast, to snacks, to what to do with your leftovers from the other day. They even make suggestions based off how much time you have to prepare your food. It’s really cool!

What’s more, PlateJoy is also partnered with, Instacart. (Some of you might be familiar with it.) Instacart is an app that not only helps you prepare grocery lists, but depending on your area offers to deliver groceries right to your door. Pretty darn handy if you ask me!

A common question I get when a client changes their diet is, “What do I eat?” Over the years I have made many suggestions to clients. However, I have never recommended a personalized meal plan/recipe service catering exclusively to the palette of my client. Until now. A service like PlateJoy could be the very thing that helps you maximize your fitness goals!

PlateJoy offers two different programs. Either $69 for 6 months ($12/month), or $99 for 12 months ($9/month). That’s a pretty sweet deal!

Before you make a decision, they do offer a 10 day trial. However, you will be asked to input credit card information. Then you can decide whether to cancel their service, or continue with one of their programs.

By the way. Right now you can get $10 off your program by entering my personal code, CHASE10, where it says, “I have a code.”

Take a look at their short video further explaining their service at:

Here’s the truth, folks. I’m never going to sell you BS, or suggest something I thought was worthless. I want my clients to exceed in every way possible in the gym, and in the kitchen. Let’s continue working towards becoming the best we can possibly be!

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