How to Crush Your Goals This Year

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It’s another New Year. You’re getting ready to crush your fitness resolutions. This year is finally going to be your year. Let’s get it, baby!!!!

Hold up. Wait a minute.

Ask yourself this: Do I have a plan in place to achieve my goals? Or am I just wingin’ it and hoping for the best?

People, people, people. If you haven’t learned by now, you need a plan of action.

The fact is most of you will give up on your fitness resolutions before January is even over. So the question is, what can you do to ensure this year is different?

Let’s take a look at my suggestions.

I’ll elaborate in the other sections, but this is key. Most of you have a, “go hard, or go home,” mentality during the New Year. In other words, you try to take on too much at once, or are too extreme with lifestyle changes. Particularly with your diet. Seriously. Take your friggin’ time! I cannot emphasize this enough.

Whether you use an app, or notebook, recording your weight, what you ate, etc., can greatly impact the outcome of your efforts.

If you’re not ready to track every gram of food you eat, it’s okay! You don’t have to. Keep it simple when tracking your progress. Instead of recording how many grams of protein, fat, and carbs were in one egg you ate earlier in the day, simply note down, “one egg.” It may not be super specific, but it makes a big difference referring back to your notes in the long run.

90+ percent of you can not handle a complete dietary change in a span of 24 hours. It’s just not doable. If you think you’re going to be able to go from eating crap, to eating “clean” in an instant, you’re kidding yourself.

If you want to improve your diet, again, take your time. Small steps, people! Small steps!

If you’re someone who averages three sodas a day, cut it down to one per day. Add greens to one of your daily meals. Drink an extra bottle of water. If you’re having trouble consuming more protein, add a protein whey shake to your diet. (This was also help keep you satiated. Which means you’ll feel fuller.)

Diet is absolutely the most important aspect of attaining your goals. If you want to see changes, you need to be consistent and not give up just because it’s challenging in the beginning.

I say this with love, folks: most of you haven’t a clue what you’re doing in the gym.

Let me give you some perspective. The first thing 90+ percent of you do when you get back to the gym is hop on some piece of cardio equipment. You have no idea why you’re doing it, other than thinking, “This is supposed to help me lose weight.” Except you don’t really know 1) How long you should do cardio for. 2) What type of interval program to perform. If at all. 3) How often to do cardio. 4) What type of cardio is best suited for you and your goals.

I bet some of those points never even crossed your mind. This is why context is everything. There is a huge difference between guessing what exercise you should perform and knowing what exercises to perform.

If you’re not sure what exercises to do, do your research. If you feel you need assistance, well, there’s a way to get it.

We can’t always figure things out on our own. Getting in shape is one of them. Often times people look at personal training as a burdensome expense. But what if instead, people looked at it as a positive investment?

This is the way I look at it, folks. If you don’t truly know how you’re going to reach your goals, then make it a priority to learn how. Let’s say you spent three months with a personal trainer and you finally achieve fitness goals you had trouble reaching on your own. Not only that, it taught you how to sustain your new body for the rest of your life. Would that not be worth the investment? Heck yeah! That would be awesome!

Hiring a trainer can significantly increase your chances of achieving your fitness goals, and learning how to sustain your results. Here’s what to look for when hiring a trainer.

Working out with a family member, or friend can be fun. It can create more accountability for the both of you. It can motivating too! Here’s the truth, though. And I’m sure many of you can relate. More often than not, one person will slowly fall off the wagon as the weeks go on. What was once a duo team, is now down to one person. If you end up going solo, you’ll have to find the drive within to continue what was supposed to be a team effort. This is why I would be reluctant to fully rely on someone else to share and participate in your desire with getting in shape. If you wind up working alongside someone who is just as dedicated as you are? Hang onto them tightly!

Remember this, folks. (Seriously.) When you find yourself getting impatient, frustrated, or lazy during the fitness resolution season, put yourself in check. This is not meant to be an easy walk in the park. There will always, and I mean always, be obstacles along the way. Don’t veer from them, or stop just because it seems challenging. Find a way to overcome. That’s the only way you’ll finally reach your goals.

If you’re in Las Vegas near the Summerlin, Spring Valley, or Strip area, come and see me. I’m located at Plus Ultra Fitness Studio. I’d be glad to help you achieve your fitness goals! 

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