Getting in Shape Before Your Wedding

How to Shed Those Pounds Before Your Big Day

Ah. Romance. Love. Marriage.

Out here, in Las Vegas, marriages are just about as common as it gets in any state. I mean, seriously. If you’re living on the West Coast, Vegas is a legitimate option to consider. You’ll find great venues at surprisingly lower rates!

But I digress. Where was I?

Ah. Marriage. Such a beautiful thing. What was once a dream has now become a reality. And that reality is there is a hell of a lot to get done before your big day! I’m referring to your wedding of course. I mean you’ve got to figure out: The date. The venue. The floral design. The catering. The dress. Should you have a cake, or cupcakes? Who will be in the wedding? Do you hire a DJ, or a live band? How many guests will be invited? Will your mother-in-law oppose your every decision? I mean my goodness, the list goes on!!

Then there’s this thought that keeps crossing your mind: I’ve got to look DAMN good on my wedding day!! It’s time to get in shape! The question is, how will you do it?

Fear not. Chase The Trainer is here to help! To any future husbands-to-be who may be reading this, this might help you out too!

1. Put The Donut Down!!
First of all, how much time do you have until your wedding? Whether it’s two months away, or eight months away, the key emphasis will be on your diet. So it’s time to not eat as much junk food, consume more protein, and include more greens in your meals. What I do not want you to do is starve yourself. That is the absolute worst approach anyone can do! My suggestion, (again it is just a suggestion), would be to go on a lower carb based diet. Not because it’s the “be all, end all” way of getting slimmer. But in my experience (working with clients) it’s a simpler approach compared to say counting all of your macros on a daily basis. Most of my clients consume waaaaay too many carbs as it is. So minimizing their carb intake usually does the trick. You don’t have to go full blown keto. Where you eat practically zero carbs each day. (Your choice if you do. And if you do, be sure to do some more homework on how to structure a keto based diet properly.) Regardless, lowering your carb intake can be a good way to set things off.

If you start having at least three solid meals a day filled with protein, veggies, and less carbs, you will notice a difference even after four weeks! That being said. If you’re the type of person who eats cookies, ice cream, consumes alcohol, or fast food more often than not, cutting back on that alone will make an impact! You don’t have to be a trainer or a nutritionist to know that!

2. Incorporate Strength Training In Your Workouts

Quite the contrary. If I had to choose between strength training, and cardio for my clients, I’d choose strength training every time. Why? Because with strength training, not only will you shed body fat. Your physique will have more of an aesthetic appeal. In other words, you’ll get lean and toned up.

Exercises for strength training include, but aren’t limited to: squats, deadlifts, dumbbell bench press variations, lat pull downs, assisted pull ups, etc. I’ve said this before, ladies. Don’t be afraid to use weights. Unless you are eating a calorie surplus every day, you will not get “bulky.” What will happen is you’ll get leaner, and stronger!

Don’t think for a moment strength training won’t exhaust you the way riding a bike, or running on the treadmill can do either. In fact, if you were to utilize a strength training circuit routine, it would probably be even more beneficial! (Circuit training is when you do one exercise after another with very little, to no breaks.) By the way. This doesn’t mean cardio can’t help you shed the fat. If you choose to run on the treadmill, ride a bike, or take a zumba class, that’s totally fine! Just be sure to hit the weights too! And if you’re unsure how to properly utilize strength training, you might need to hire a personal trainer.

Here is a generic workout plan I’d structure for clients:

Monday: Strength Training (Full Body)
Tuesday: Cardio or Circuit
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Strength Training (Full Body)
Friday: Cardio or Circuit
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Strength Training (Full Body) or Rest/Take every other Sunday off

Of course, there’s nothing wrong if you take an extra rest day. Go at your pace, and be cognizant of how your body is feeling!

3. Don’t Overdo It. Be Smart About Your Approach.
I know and have heard the cries of urgency to lose weight before a wedding. More often than not, people feel they need to “go hard” every day before their big day. Sometimes, they take on drastic measures. Which is not only tough on the body, but beyond mentally exhausting. You have enough tasks, and arrangements related to the wedding as it is. No need to be overzealous with your workouts, or to starve yourself.

Breathe. Slow down.

“Chase. I don’t have time to slow down!! This fat needs to GO!!”

I get it. I get it. I get it. However! Overdoing things won’t help. If you need to, track your macros using an app like MyFitnessPal. Keep a workout notebook. Don’t forget to enjoy the occasional outings with your significant other or your friends and family. You still need to live your life! If all you do is focus on, “how much weight I need to lose,” it’s going to add onto the stress.

Here’s the deal, ladies. You’re going to be just fine and look great! And hey. If you feel like you need extra help, I do offer online training programs. That way I will personally make sure not only will you look fantastic on your wedding day, but you might even learn how to stay in shape long after!

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