Weightlifting vs. Crossfit: Which is Better?

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I gotta say something about the ongoing arguments between Weightlifting and Crossfit. There’s a lot of confusion as to which is “better.” In my personal (& yes, professional) opinion, resistance training will always be more significant. Here are a few reasons:

1) Resistance and strength training (heavily influenced by bodybuilding) is the very foundation of just about any fitness regime

2) PROPER resistance training teaches someone how to activate specific muscle groups

3) It is extremely important when developing lean muscle mass and strengthening bone density

3) Will make you more aware of your posture, technique, and balance while limiting injury

4) It’s exactly what men and women alike need in order to mold their body to make aesthetic improvements

If you don’t know how to activate your muscles correctly it can hinder you from becoming stronger, leaner, and BETTER when performing something like Crossfit. The thing about Crossfit is that it can at many times put an unnecessary amount of stress on the body to the point where injury can occur. Performing compound lifts at extremely high volumes along with incorporating exercises where stabilization and muscle control isn’t always as big a priority? No thanks. Ask any chiropractor how much their business has increased since Crossfit became a global phenomenon? I guarantee you they’ll say at the very least something along the lines of, “I’m definitely seeing more patients.”

A lot of “Crossfitters” (usually people who have no business opening their mouth) talk smack thinking weight lifters spend all their time checking themselves out in the mirror”. Unless they’re completely self-absorbed, serious weight lifters look at themselves in the mirror to make sure they’re performing with proper movement. Also, more often than not they’re looking at what muscles groups they feel needs improvement. Even if a Crossfitter (with no knowledge of pure resistance training) gains progress, the only way they know how to maintain that body is to, well, stick with Crossfit alone. (Which can also be expensive.) I’ve also heard someone who only participates in Crossfit say “I don’t want to get big and buff like a weight lifter.” That just proves to me a lack of knowledge and inability to comprehend the mechanics behind exercise in general. Which, hey, is okay if someone doesn’t know the truth. However, if you’re going to talk smack about something then it’s best you get the facts first. What I say to Crossfitters is how in the world are you going to rip weight training? It’s the very friggin’ foundation of what Crossfit even got much of its inspiration from. Trust me. IF you do decide to take on Crossfit it will make a world of difference for you learn how to weight train first. Crossfit may be what’s popular nowadays, but who knows? Like so many fitness fads over the years you never know when something else will take off. Weight training on the other hand? It’s timeless. It’s the originator. It will always prove to be a dominant aspect of progressing a fitter and healthier physique.

If you’re looking for someone to teach your proper training techniques and live in the Las Vegas/Summerlin area, then I’m you’re guy! Shoot me a message or give me a call and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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