The Key to Our Success?

Hey folks! Chase (the owner of Plus Ultra Fitness) here.

On April 7th, 2021, I received the keys to the future site of Plus Ultra Fitness.

It was a cool moment, but at the same time I couldn’t help, but think, “Dayum! I’ve still got a LOT of work to do.”

The space in my unit is almost completely cleared out. You’d be surprised by how much was in there before. Already looks completely different! I can only imagine how it’ll look by the time we’ve completely fixed the place up.

But I’m not writing this blog to talk about the studio’s renovations.

I’m here to talk about what the “key” represents. You’ll have to excuse me for going into a motivational mode…

The key to our studio symbolizes perseverance, hope, and determination. It represents taking a leap of faith despite not knowing what the future may hold.

First, a little backstory…

After spending 8 years in Los Angeles and Las Vegas of running my own training business out of other gyms, fitness studios, and client’s homes, I decided to take the next big step in my career. I wanted to take my clientele to a training space I could call my own. It was time open my own small fitness studio. My wife, Katie and I set the wheels in motion to find the future site of my new business. We decided to rebrand Chase The Trainer by coming up with a new name: Plus Ultra Fitness

Ever since the announcement of Plus Ultra Fitness, people have asked me, “How do you feel now that you’ll be the owner of a fitness studio?” My answer has remained the same: I’ve never been more excited and terrified in my life. Frankly, we had every reason not to open a studio. I mean, we did just experience a pandemic. Small businesses haven’t exactly gone through the best of times lately. That in of itself is a pretty scary thought. And believe me, my wife and I have questioned our sanity on many occasions throughout this process. There is a possibility we fall completely flat on our faces taking on this venture….

Is that going to stop me from giving this everything I’ve got?

No. Hell no.

Sitting in my own little comfort zone wasn’t acceptable. Despite the times we’re living in, it was time to take initiative. It was time to take a chance on myself. Again, the “risk” was worth it.

I think we all tend to dwell on what could go wrong, as opposed to what could go right in almost any situation requiring us to take risks. 

“What if this doesn’t work out?”

“What if I make/made a huge mistake?”

“What if I fail, and embarrass myself?”

“What if–”

Hold up.

What if we looked at taking a chance on ourselves in a different light?

What if all goes well? 

What if things work out the way you wanted it to? 

What if you became better for it? 

What if you become a difference maker?

What if you impact the lives of other people in a profound way?

What if you grow as a person? 

What if taking a risk leads to new, awesome opportunities? 

What if despite not knowing what the future holds, you go for it any way?? 

Why not take a chance on you?

Taking on this venture wasn’t a result of the “perfect situation.” If anything, it was the “right situation.” The way I see it, what is “right” is almost never “perfect.” Rarely is anything ever perfect. When it comes to life changing decisions, you have to know when to “go for it” despite not having every single one of your stars aligned.

Whether it’s moving somewhere new, taking on a new career, getting married, or opening a business, there will always be risks. You can not avoid that reality. The question is, how much does taking that risk mean to you? What does it symbolize? What is its significance? Would you regret choosing not to move forward despite the risks involved? 

I stated this earlier. Opening my own fitness studio in Las Vegas is the most exciting and terrifying thing I’ve ever done. Maybe this turns out to be the greatest decision of my life. Maybe not. 

The fact is I simply can’t dwell on what might go wrong.

My ambitions are staring me right in the face. 

It fuels me. It ignites me. It drives me.

The “key” is just the beginning of an unpaved road I’m ready to take on. 

Dreams and risks included.

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