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The Gym

My personal training services are based at Rebel Fitness in Las Vegas. What part of Vegas you ask? The gym is located in The Lakes near Summerlin and Spring Valley.

Here at Rebel, my clients can enjoy their personal training experience in a private gym atmosphere. There are no major crowds, machines aren’t constantly occupied, no two year contracts… If I may say so myself, there aren’t too many gyms quite like this.

All of my clients will receive a discounted gym membership at only $15/month. Yup. You read that correctly! Oh, and if you want a key to the gym for 24/7 access? It’s just a one time payment of $20 for an all access keycard. This is what I love about Rebel Fitness. You can practice the same exercises you learned with me, on your own! See a piece of equipment you want to try out? Let me know our next session and I can show you how to properly use it.

Whether it’s resistance training, conditioning, cardio, or boxing, I have everything needed to help you get in the best shape possible. Every client of mine is trained according to their capabilities. No one is trained exactly the same. I want to equip you with the knowledge to achieve the most optimal results possible. Look, I’m not drill sergeant. I will however, challenge you to the best of your abilities. Change begins within. We’re not just building up your body. We’re building up your body and soul.

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