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Hey Las Vegas folks! Did you know Chase The Trainer is a native of your city? (Well, he adopted it as his home city anyway.) In fact the first time Chase ever explored outside the Las Vegas Strip, he knew that was the place he wanted to live. He enjoyed the area of Summerlin and the contrast to the bustling Las Vegas Strip area, but appreciated its proximity should he ever want to go to the famous strip. Frankly, he just felt at home. It’s a wonderful place to live and grow a family (as long as you’re away from the casinos. Haha).

That’s why Chase gives a special shout out to fellow residents of Summerlin, Las Vegas. A vast majority of his clients live in Summerlin too! That’s gotta tell you something, right? And Spring Valley is right next door! Another lovely area he explored and liked. Wouldn’t require too much travel time to get in on an awesome personal training experience! Heck. Maybe everyone can enjoy some great grub that Las Vegas has to offer after a personal training session. Well. Maybe after we hit a few of our fitness goals. 😉

If you’re looking for a Las Vegas personal trainer not too far from Summerlin or Spring Valley, give Chase a call at: 310-363-0217. A little shy? Shoot Chase an email at: Chase will have you feeling like an old friend in no time. A friend that’ll help you burn away the fat and get lean!



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